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Bible Journaling Typography

Words, Words, and more WORDS! Typography is the art and technique of arranging type to make written language legible, readable, and appealing when displayed. The arrangement of type involves selecting a font, letter sizes, line, and letter spacing. The term typography is also applied to the Bible journaler who uses words as a focus in their response to God’s Word. In the margins of a Bible, color may be added to simply highlight a piece of the text as significant for the journaler or reader. Words may be hand-lettered, traced, stamped, or added with stickers.

Personal Font

Simply adding text in your own handwriting and then tracing over your letters quickly creates a personal font with random spaces for adding color or decoration. - Connie Denninger

Typography Personal Font.jpg

Varied Text Color

Rachel Hinz used different colors on this journal page to emphasize key words of this text.

Typography Varied Text Color.jpg

Varied Fonts

Jamie Truwe uses 7 different fonts to make this margin memorable.  

Typography Varied fonts.jpg

Words with Hands, Feet, Faces

Jessica Meier creates a fun font by adding "serifs" hands and feet to her letters and coloring in their faces.

Typography Words with Hands, Feet & Face

Creative Typography to Reflect Meaning

In this margin, Jamie Truwe uses musical symbols with the word "sing" to add visual meaning.

Typography Creative Typography to Reflec

One Word Focus

Outlining a word on a page that is colored in brings focus to one word, in this case, return which is not colored in. Watercolor lets the text show through, and a white gel pen adds easy detail to supporting words. - Pat Maier

Typography One word focus.jpg

Prayer as Typography

Karen Hunter often uses a one or two word focus in a creative font, and a hand written prayer to complete the page. Powerful!

Typography  Prayer as Typography.jpg

Stickers as Typography

Sara McCormick uses stickers to create text on this collage style page in her Bible. 

Typography Stickers as Typography.jpg

Outline Words with Color

Simply using a colored pencil to trace over words makes them stand out as significant. An added benefit to this tracing or "rewriting" is that it helps with remembering. - Rachel Hinz

Typography Outline Words with Color.jpg

Varied Fonts & Printed Text

Using both a calligraphy font and a basic printed font helps to emphasize key words in this passage. Printed and cut out text is used to add a personal connection to be remembered. - Sara McCormick

Sara McCormick.jpg

Words within an Image

Emily Adams fits the word "blessed" within her image of Mary the one who is blessed by the Lord.

Typography Word within an Image.jpg

Using Color to add Significance

Emily Adams connects the sign of the rainbow, His promise to not destroy the earth again, by coloring each letter of the covenant in the colors of a rainbow.

Typography Using Color to Add Significan
Color Stain

Top 100
Bible Journaling Pages 

Visual Faith® Coach Karen Hunter consistently practices devotional journaling and shares some of her work in this video. Karen often uses typography as the focal point in her Bible journaling.

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