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Around the Word- The Rest of the Story

So, perhaps you joined us for Around the Word this past month. Here is a bit more about what happened when we were together by zoom. It always helps me to know EXACTLY what the experience is like so that I "feel safe". There are an assorted set of resources that come with each zoom link for Around the Word. I print out what works for me and how I like to use my time when we are together. I often look at Verbs- What God does and What I do. Sometimes colored pencils helps me to make sense of the Reading. We meet in small groups of about 5-6 and share some insights as we go along. Everyone is free to share how much they want to talk about in this session. I often hear "something new" offered by the responses of others in my own group.

One of the things I like about these sessions is how much "quiet time" there is for Around the Word. We are all working on our own. Listening. Reading. Coloring and Praying. Seeing how it fits together. Seeing what aligns differently when I write it out. What jumped out for me this session was the term"makes me". I jumped back to grade school and the "make me" taunt. Not exactly how I want my posture with God.

And yet, that is often how I find life. The chart allows me to see how things fit together. What it means for me. So the bottom line? I will never read Psalm 23 the same again. Worth my time and energy to stop in for Around the Word? Absolutely.

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