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Celebrating Baptism Birthdays

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Visual Faith® Ministry has some wonderful resources for marking the faith milestone of baptism. Downloadable and printable cards are ready for colored pencil or watercolor embellishment. I have 10 grandchildren and a practice that helps me out as Gigi to 10 is to make the cards all at once and note the baptism date on the card and on my calendar. Then they are ready to send in the mail for the year to mark this very special celebration.

On our website are even suggested wording for the insert or inside of the card. I simply copied that 10 times and printed them to have them ready to go. I added a hymn page circle cutout as a simple addition.

Each grandchild was prayed over as I made the cards, that the Holy Spirit would continue to grow and nurture their spiritual life. This remembrance practice of marking the day of Baptism is a wonderful way for parents, godparents, and grandparents to add a special touch of spiritual care for loved ones.

March 30 is my own Baptism Day and I plan to celebrate. When is your baptism birthday? Remember, we can't celebrate what we don't know. Plan on finding out that very important God-intersection date in your own life.

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