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Doors into Prayer

Visual Faith Ministry was LIVE in Leesburg, Virginia this week at Christ Community Lutheran Church.

The hospitality was wonderful, the food was great, and the space was welcoming and inviting.

Colored pencils were ready and displays were ready for looking and sharing. Supplies were set for participants to use at the end of the morning session.

New friends and old friends came to share the Saturday morning. We learned about the Secret Code prayer, the One Name prayer, the Stained Glass prayer and Praying Scripture.

We learned about devotional journaling that can be gathered on a calendar to tell the story for each month's journey.

The prayer cube project will soon be up on the VFM website. A great way to encourage the culture of prayer in families. A special thanks to Visual Faith Coaches Karen Hunter and Eve Waring who joined us for the day. (and can't believe I forgot to get a photo!) We give thanks for the great welcome and support from Pastor Garet Ellis for this event and for event coordinators- Beckie Kicker and Becky Christensen.

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