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Mission Heart Award

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

This summer Visual Faith® Ministry connected with Concordia Mission Institute in a way to bless the participants for this event. Every year Concordia Mission Institute gathers deployed missionaries in the field and staff and brings them to Concordia, Missouri for the Concordia Mission Institute for a time of encouragement, training, and connecting.

In the summer of 2022, both Pat Maier and Connie Denninger were able to participate in the event and lead Introductory sessions on Visual Prayer and sharing the resources at Visual Faith® Ministry.

There were many stories about working in mission stations with few supplies, a minimal budget, but engaging and warm hearts. The challenges were daunting, but the inspiration of a "Mighty God Leading" brings hope.

In 2023, Visual Faith® Ministry granted a Mission Heart Award to both Mission of Christ Network and also Lutheran Bible Translators. They were given the opportunity to sign up for a Free Year of the Visual Church Year as worship support and other teaching resources. One of the things we value at

Visual Faith® Ministry is the opportunity to bless others in ministry. Kingdom workers following Jesus are on the same team and we appreciate the work of Lutheran Bible Translators and Mission of Christ Network in their global efforts. May the Lord lead and bless, care and protect, all those working in the mission field stateside and overseas. To God be the Glory!

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