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Scripture Scribing is HERE!

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

There’s a reason God doesn’t tell us what He plans for our future. If He did, we would run ahead of Him and mess up the whole plan. At least I would! When I first tried writing out the Word of God into a simple notebook, I would say it was a failure. I gave up as soon as I hit the first really long list of names in Genesis 5. (Of course I started with Genesis. It’s long and sometimes laborious, as Genesis 5 proves, and starting with something far shorter, like 3 John – didn’t even occur to me.) That was over 20 years ago. But because God is infinitely patient with me, He brought the practice around again in 2017. This time I embraced it and haven’t looked back.

That brings us to today and my involvement with Visual Faith® Ministry. Writing out the Psalms came to my attention first and I found it to be a very enjoyable experience. That led to the Gospel of John, James, Zechariah, several of the Psalms (again), and Ruth. And of course, I am currently working on Genesis (after a 20-year hiatus). On September 27, we had the opportunity to bring this practice to Visual Faith® with a Creative Haven Zoom call where coaches Jenny Long, Pamm Haley, and I were privileged to share something we’ve all been doing for several years now. For the three of us, this is our go-to practice for our devotional lives.

Over 50 people joined us in this particular Creative Haven, which illustrates the point that there is a great deal of interest in this simple practice, many who would like to add Scripture Scribing to their own devotional time, and many who are already well into this ancient style of listening to God.

There are going to be numerous opportunities for you to become involved in this devotional experience. The packets on the themes/spiritual disciplines of Worship and Gratitude are already in the Shoppe here. They will be followed in November and December by Thanksgiving and Simplicity, respectively. Coming at the end of December, you will find a stand-alone project called The Proverbs Project: 52 Weeks of Wisdom. This would be an excellent entry point for Scripture Scribing, as it is only 1 verse a week for a year. And, if you're up for more, there will be a new packet each month that will align with Visual Faith® Ministry's 2023 focus on twelve Hebrew names of God.

If you were unable to join us on September 27th, you can still view the recording of the event.

The recording is on the VFM Academy page.

Blog post by Jenny Long and Carolyn Bira.

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2 commentaires

The zoom event was informative and encouraging. Even I can do this! I feel very comfortable embarking on this new journey. Thank you for bringing it to us.


01 oct. 2022

This was a great informative Zoom event. I would encourage others to try Scribing God’s word. And see what He has to say to you.

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