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VaLENTtine's Day

Perhaps you have already connected the combined tags for February 14, 2024. Ash Wednesday and Valentine's Day. The surprising information is that this doesn't really coincide very often on the calendar. Last century it happened in 1923, 1934 and 1945. Then 2018 was the first time this century and now this year, 2024. The last time for this "double day" in this century is 2029. We have a wonderful opportunity to share that with LENT and the gift of Jesus, we really do have a reason to share love in the world.

Visual Faith® coach Beckie Kicker shares this event from her church in Leesburg, Virginia. "Our women and kids group got together to make these valentines for our local senior home for residents and staff! The kiddos then handed them out. This worked for kiddos best by prepping/cutting out all the cards first. Parents folded the hearts and kids decorated them and put everything inside."

Thanks to a poster in the VFM FB group for the heart pocket idea! We used the Seeds of Love resource from the VFM website." Here is that resource:

Recently we gathered for a Creative Haven at my home in Springfield, Virginia. Discarded hymnals and all sorts of ephemera choices allow "processing" on a flat canvas. The discussions are healing and welcome in the faith journey. It is sharing "along the way" with neighbors and friends.

Small projects and visuals allow us to share the "heart" of Valentine's Day because we know that "we love because He first loved us." 1 John 4:19 Wreaths, "spoolies" and a mini canvas provide prompts for conversations.

This flat canvas project is on display year round in my home. I need the reminder that every day is both a call to repentance, AshWednesday, and the blessing gift from my God that gives all good things in this covenant of undeserved love. What a great day to celebrate on February 14 this year!

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