Visual Faith On the Go

One of my favorite things to do is travel. Car trips were my primary form of travel up until college. I lived a distance away from home for those four years, so occasionally I would take a plane ride. College gave me the first opportunity to travel overseas for a mission trip, and then I caught the international travel bug.

South America, Europe and Asia all became travel destinations for mission trips and leisurely adventures. Just a few months before the pandemic, I marked a trip to the Holy Land off my bucket list.

As the weather began to warm up, the number of vaccinations increased and more people ventured out, I began to feel more hopeful about the coming season and the possibility of travel.

Using the tools of Visual Faith as a daily practitioner is only about a year old for me, so I have yet to take the show on the road. As I've contemplated possible trips this summer and beyond, I wondered how to decide upon which practices to continue on trips and what tools to take. I have created a small studio in my house for daily practice, but I needed to figure out how to take it with me.

My space for practicing Visual Faith.

I knew I wasn't the only one who wondered about these things, so I asked some fellow Visual Faith™ Ministry practitioners.


"I do daily devotional journaling using a calendar template/prayers/blessings, take weekly sermon notes, and use the Worship into the Week resources in a sketchbook - so those were the ones I wanted to keep up with while I recently traveled to SC.

I took the Portals of Prayer devotion book (because my husband uses it too) and the sketch book for the daily stuff. I took my spiral journal and bag of gel pens for sermon notes (like usual) and then packed a double-sided pencil bag with basic supplies (two ink pads, a sponge, a background stamp, a stencil, adhesive, a couple rolls of washi) and the paper resources in a file folder. It worked for me!" - Eden Keefe