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Way to Life

Updated: May 16, 2023

Chances are, you have recently completed your Lenten Journey with our Life to Death, Death to Life devotional. Perhaps you weren’t aware that this devotional series was the first in a four-part group of resources for 2023. This Lenten unit began our devotional year, and of course a corresponding Advent series will draw 2023 to a close. Ah, but in between?

We will have a Gratitude Journey in the fall, and - coming your way in May – The Way to Life series!

This Bible-based (as are all our resources) series deals with the Life that has been given us by our amazing God, both as our Creator and Author of our eternity with Him through Jesus Christ. Below, you will get a summary of the many pieces that comprise this new collection, which have just launched in the Shoppe. And most exciting of all, we are launching a new line of products and projects that are designed just for families! You will find a couple of family packets embedded in this new series along with the usual devotional materials that you regularly access at Visual Faith®Ministry.

Way to Life Scripture Scribing: FREE

This devotional tool has quickly become one of Visual Faith’s® most popular resources. The

community of users for this product is quite large and growing daily! Here you will find a list of 30 verses to Scribe throughout the summer months. Dedicating intentional meditative time to what God says about His gift of life here on earth and eternal life in heaven will bring you to a

new place of worship and praise for His amazing love for us.

Way to Life Devotional: FREE

Because our monthly devotionals based on the Names of God have become so popular, we have included a devotional with the Way to Life collection. Perhaps you need a devotional resource, either for yourself or for a small group. This is a quick and easy way to bring attention to the LORD prior to a committee meeting, a confirmation class, or a planning session. Or maybe you just want something to focus your mind and heart on God’s Word for a few moments in the middle of a stressful day. If that is the case, this is just what you’re looking for.

Way to Life Seed Cards: FREE

Something NEW has been added to our projects. This resource maintains the

theme of Way to Life while providing something for you to hand to a friend, leave

behind on a restaurant table or in a hotel room, or send as an encouragement to a

shut-in. This is also a fantastic project to use with your children or grandchildren.

They will love creating these little packets filled with God’s Word.

Way to Life Family Resource: Growing with Jesus – $20 / congregational price – $40

If you have preschool through grade school children in your home this summer, this resource is going to be a blessing in your life as well as theirs. This 90-page resource contains a weekly devotional, games, puzzles, and projects all designed to enhance your family’s

devotional time. Homeschoolers, parents, classroom teachers, Sunday School teachers, grandparents – this packet will provide golden opportunities for faith-talk with the precious children God has placed in your care.

Way to Life Ephemera Packet: $15 / Congregational Price $30

The monthly VFM Ephemera packets have been very popular in 2023, and this one will not

disappoint. There are over 2 dozen Way to Life passages highlighted in this packet, along with

almost 30 pages of faith-art supplies to use in your devotional time. This mid-century modern

approach is fun and inspiring. Useful for mixed-media, Bible-journaling, card-designing projects,

etc. The fun is limited only by your own imagination!

Way to Life / Growing with Jesus Family Faith Resource: $5

Another fun and quick project that will bring God’s Word into your daily life. Simply

print this simple business card-sized “take with you” project. The cards can be kept

on a simple ring for daily interaction. Or slip a verse card into a lunch bag each morning so that you/your child can interact with the Word for just a moment during the day. Each passage has an accompanying question/prompt to inspire a

deeper dive into the verse.

Live Events

In addition to those six resources, there will be two VFM events that highlight The Way to Life series. We joined together last Saturday May 13, from 1:00-3:00pm for a special live workshop (on Zoom) where we were given “sneak peek access” to The Way to Life ephemera packet. We prepped for our summer Journey using pieces from the Ephemera faith-art packet to create verse tags, verse cards, and a small journal to enhance our summer devotional journey. If you would like to purchase The Way to Life Workshop which includes the Zoom workshop recording, supply list, and The Way to Life Ephemera Packet you can do so for $25 on our Plans and Pricing page found here: Way to Life Workshop.

Then on May 23, there will be a Creative Haven (Cost for the event - $3) during which we will be making Treasure Keeper Journals to house our Way to Life materials. You can register for this event under the Events tab on the website.

As you can see, The Way to Life series holds a continued effort to draw us ever closer to the Lord God, as we explore His Word through creativity and intentionality. Tap into the resources that will work for your personal devotional life and for your family’s summer devotional journey!

By Carolyn Bira & Jenny Long

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