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Your Plate at the Buffet

by Connie Denninger, Co-Founder Visual Faith® Ministry

If you have been hanging out with Visual Faith® Ministry so far in 2023 you have seen a lot of new resources, tools, and updates for practices. The choices may seem overwhelming, but I want you to think about this as the story of the buffet.

I love to go to buffets, not so much to eat, but to watch people and see what everyone puts on their plate with so many offerings. I tend to grab salads and not much meat. Now that I live gluten-free - my choices are very limited. I now celebrate what I can eat, rather than what I can't eat. I have friends who eat dessert first. There is never the same thing on everyone's plate. The choices are varied and even portions are not the same.

That is how I like to think about the Shoppe at Visual Faith® Ministry. A grand, amazing smorgasbord of options, discipline tools, and doors into practices. The advice I give to both newbies and veterans using these resources-watch your plate. If a plate is piled really high, some things might just slip off, or "get left" uneaten. A plate with one or two choices might leave you a bit hungry at the end of the day.

Discern what you are hungry for right now. See if there is a "side" that goes with that and put a little on your plate. Taste and savor just that choice. Try the experiment of that menu for 6 months and then evaluate. What goes with that entree? Maybe you just need a sauce on it. Perhaps you need to find a group that enjoys the same menu items you like. DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED with full plates around you. There are novices in the kitchen and there are seasoned chefs. There is "baby food" for young guests and advanced culinary masterpieces. This is your buffet journey. Fill your plate and be satisfied. Ask for the recipes. Experiment with tweaks for your own innovation of a recipe. Eat with JOY, and savor the flavors. And remember always - invite others to the table.

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