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Advent Calendar by Ann Gillaspie (27 spaces)

Advent Calendar by Ann Gillaspie (27 spaces)


This Advent Calendar is for you to mark your personal journey to the manger in Bethlehem. Each person that uses this calendar will have a journey unique to them. Possible uses for the large stones could be: reflections from your daily devotions, favorite Bible verses, names of people to pray for, actions that you or someone else did that drew you closer to Jesus, create a hashtag that reminds you of any of the above ideas, then use a small picture and/or color the stones to mark your path.


In the margins, you will notice there are smaller stones, grass, and pebbles along the path. What do those little bits mean to you? Do they connect the path? Do they represent stumbling blocks along the way? Do they represent your growth as a Christian? Are they the little reminders that draw you closer to Jesus? Or do they represent something else to you?


God created each of us as unique individuals and we will each have our own unique journey as we travel the road to Bethlehem. May your path be a blessing to you as you seek the Newborn King.


This Advent calendar can be used for a year having 27 days in the Advent season. (Start on Sunday, November 28 through December 24, or start Monday November 29 through December 25) 


Christmas | Nativity | Wisemen | Stones 

  • Specs

    This is an 8.5x11 inch pdf file. We suggest printing this resource on cardstock or regular paper.

  • Possible Uses

    This resource can be used during your personal devotional time to pray for your friends, family, and the world. It can be added to your faith planner or prayer journal.

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