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I AM: The Way Bible Journaling by Verse Kit

I AM: The Way Bible Journaling by Verse Kit


This Bible Journaling Kit accompanies the 2024 Visual Faith Ministry theme: Names of Jesus. With this kit, you can create 4-6 pages in your Bible, Common Book, or Everyday Practices Book.

Contains: 12 pages of ephemera (suitable for margin and full page) plus devotional with discussion/reflection questions.

  • 1 full custom artwork page
  • 1 page- 4 medium backgrounds
  • additional colorful margins, 4 prayer margins and 4 verse margins
  • 4 pages with 4 verses & verse art - in various sizes

words & meanings

  • Bits and Pieces, ephemera, banners, page tab, etc.
  • Specs

    This is an 8.5x11 pdf file.

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