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The Way to Life: Growing with Jesus

The Way to Life: Growing with Jesus

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Faith Family Resource

In this packet (90+ pages), you will find eight weeks of summer activities for families, with each week

focused on a new growth/life verse from Scripture. The weekly key verse is reinforced in

four ways:

  • Learning Space – These activities include a variety of formats (games, puzzles, etc.) to help learners commit the key verse to memory.
  • Prayer Space – This page provides a visual way for individuals/families to pray, using a template and a few colored pencils/crayons. This prayer practice helps people of all ages to slow down, pay attention, and minimize mental distractions.
  • Devotional Space – This page provides a place for reflective pondering, discussing, drawing, and writing about how the key verse impacts daily life.
  • Scripture Scribing Space – You’re invited to let the words of the key verse settle deeply into your heart and mind by slowly and thoughtfully hand-writing the verse, perhaps multiple times.



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  • Specs

    This is an 8.5x11 pdf file.

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