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Scripture Scribing- Keep It Simple

Giving some encouragement to those who are interested in the Monthly Scripture Scribing practice.

Please remember- Keep It Simple. We have a hugely diverse community that loves to add extras, color, and all sorts of "doo-dads." I wanted to share with you the simple process that my daughter and I will use for Scripture Scribing. 12 Envelopes (that were never used in another project) were simply hole-punched and numbered and held together with dollar Store O-Rings. The cover had a stamped title and the letters were a bit difficult to read- so I simply wrote them with black permanent marker to highlight the name of the project.

The download for each month will have 12 Bible verses to write out for each day. There is the "main" verse and then the verse in context. I added an extra envelope to have a place to keep the list for each month. The plan with just 12 verses, rather than ONE per day, makes this a grace-filled practice. We are going to do a Monday, Wednesday, Friday plan to keep us on track for the month.

A packet of Dollar Store index cards is all that is needed to get started.

Write out the verse and put it in the matching number envelope. The topic for the month keeps them together. ( I probably will date the month and year on these- not the day.) Next month we simply add the next set of index cards to the envelopes. This set up will work for us for some time. One time to set up, and the practice is ready to go.

I have a number of journaling Bibles and decided that the "EXTRA" I would use for this project was to simply write the MAIN verse right in the margin. I always love to make sure that there is a - connection in the Bible- whenever possible. Date it. Write the Theme. Close with a simple prayer over the Word as it marinates into your day. May you be blessed with this simple, doable, grace-filled practice. And remember that to keep it REALLY SIMPLE- just write it in a journal or notebook. Come and join us for time in the Word!

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