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A New Visual Faith Outreach – Take Heart: Holy Week 2022

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Saturday, March 5 saw 42 Visual Faith practitioners gather via Zoom for a prayer retreat hosted by Connie Denninger. Together, we surrendered three hours to the Lord, seeking His face as we struggle with the difficult times in which we find ourselves. It’s amazing what God can do with three hours and a group of women submitted to His calling!

Connie shared the beauty of the Scripture about Jesus and Peter walking on the water and receiving the peace of God in the midst of difficulty, along with pictures of the Sea of Galilee taken while she was in Israel. It was amazing to have those moments to just let the Lord minister His grace into our hearts. We had a golden opportunity to share insights and questions in small groups, which enhanced our learning and

made it more personal.

This event was so well received, and several asked if there were going to be opportunities to approach the Scriptures in this way together again. The answer to that question is a resounding “YES!” We are currently putting together a Take Heart kit that you will be able to access on our Visual Faith website. This kit will include Connie’s notes, Visual Faith artwork, PowerPoint slides, and everything that you would need to provide this event at your own church or at your dining room table. Look for that to be available after Easter.

As well as providing the above-mentioned kit, we will be expanding this offering to include three more such kits. Each kit will give you everything you need to share a Take Heart experience, each based on different Bible passage, complete with pictures, questions, slides, artwork, and notes. Look for those kits to appear on the website early this summer.

“What a wonderful way to spend the morning! So glad I attended." - Barbara Franckowiak

“Lots of notes taken. Exactly where God wanted me to be! Time to share with others. 😊 Justine Dandrea

“I so enjoyed the morning.” - Debbie Yocky

Before any of those kits hit the press, we are offering a special opportunity to prepare your hearts and minds for Easter. Starting on Monday, April 11, and continuing on Tuesday and Wednesday, April 12 and 13, the Visual Faith Prayer Team will be hosting a live Zoom event for 1 hour each morning starting at 10:00am, where we will focus on the week before the crucifixion of Jesus. Each day will bring a different reading from the Book of John. We will use the Lectio Divina format to explore each reading, giving over some of our time each day to spend with the Lord. We will also provide readings and worksheets for the rest of the week leading up to Easter morning. That way, you will get to experience a mini retreat of meditation and worship each day of this important week. If you would like to be a part of this experience for any or all of the Zoom calls, sign up begin March 18.

If we have your email address, you will receive everything you need to take part in this prayer event. You must register in order to receive the Zoom link and digital downloadable material. Plan to join us!

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