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Concordia Mission Institute

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Concordia Mission Institute meets every year in Concordia, Missouri. This gathering connects the staff and missionaries of the Mission of Christ Network and Lutheran Bible Translators for a time of teaching, training and encouragement . Their very specialized ministry and life experiences create a wonderful fellowship of gathering those who are living life on mission.

nPat Maier and Connie Denninger were asked to be presenters to this group to bring them helpful tools and practices for personal, family and ministry devotional life living. The resources available on the Visual Faith® Ministry website are valuable for all sorts of settings as they are downloadable around the world and most everything is FREE - making it fit the budget for all places of ministry work.

Visual Prayer 101 gave them all an experiential way of prayer engagement. How do we focus and deal with the distractions of living within the craziness of a cross-cultural setting? How do we translate the story of our prayer life into a way to bless others? How does prayer become a tool for storytelling of our journey of faith?

Here is reflective prayer time with the attendees at Concordia Mission Institute.

We give thanks for all the ways God uses this group of mission-focused servants in His Kingdom - from the vision and support teams to those who develop relationship and learn the heart languages of a new culture, with the ultimate goal of sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and telling the story of His faithfulness . Visual Faith® Ministry is hopeful that there will be all sorts of collaborative learning communities where we can partner with those "in the field" to help supply them with usable teaching tools. We are excited to hear how our resources might be adapted and modified to fit a foreign ministry situation. May their work be blessed and their lives transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit as we work together as the priesthood of believers!

Find out more about the work of Lutheran Bible Translators and Mission of Christ Network here:

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Your presentations were among the highlights of CMI this year where you equipped and inspired missionaries with new tools to pray and meditate on God's Word. Your work is already in use around the world and now it will be find its way into new corners of the globe where God is doing His mission. Thanks to your efforts, more people in many cultures and languages will be strengthened in their relationships with our Lord. Thank you.

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Constance Denninger
Constance Denninger
21. Juli 2022
Antwort an

it was such an honor to be with all the leaders and learners at CMI - we were blessed to be among you!

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