Curious about Spiritual Disciplines?

Author: Jenny Long- VFM Coach

In response to our most recent newsletter article, a VFM member asked, “How do I get more

information on the upcoming disciplines of SERVICE, PRAYER, and WORSHIP? I am very

interested in these disciplines.”

Such a great question! Curiosity about spiritual disciplines might well be the Holy Spirit’s nudging to expand and strengthen one’s relationship with Jesus. In selecting spiritual disciplines as VFM monthly themes for 2022, it was our intent that each theme would deepen a daily walk with the Lord and create hunger for an even closer relationship with Him. Spiritual disciplines are habits/practices of

mind and heart that shape us as disciples of Jesus. Richard Foster, who has written several books about the disciplines and prayer, offers an explanation using three broad categories:

inward disciplines (such as fasting and solitude), outward disciplines (such as generosity and

simplicity), and corporate disciplines (such as celebration and service). There are so many helpful

resources that will provide a deeper dive. I've listed five that have influenced my own faith walk. Ask

your pastor to borrow a copy, or check your church/public library shelves, or use the Amazon links to

find these titles and more.