Growing (But Not) Pains

Have you ever had the experience of looking at a child you haven’t seen for a few weeks, and they suddenly seem to be taller, more mature, more engaging? It can be a little shocking and disconcerting, for sure. Maybe you’ve had a similar feeling when looking at the revised Visual Faith website or noticed a significant uptick in the number of resources available. Maybe you’ve participated in one of the many new Zoom events that have cropped up suddenly. That’s because Visual Faith is growing.

Most of you know Connie and Pat, the creative and faithful women who began this ministry outreach. Several years ago, it was just the two of them, some amazing skills, innate talents, and a love for God that made them want to share the Gospel through Visual Faith practices. But those early days are long gone. Now there are over 3,000 members of the Visual Faith family; 76 VFM team members (including coaches, ambassadors, and artists), a huge website with over 2500 resources, live Zoom events, two long-term Bible Study / Visual Faith projects to try, and still more new opportunities coming. Perhaps you’ve clicked on the newest link on the website called The Academy.

Here you will find an ever-growing cache of video lesson and training opportunities for accessing Visual Faith projects and teaching. Maybe you’ve attended one of the Zoom prayer events held by The Prayer Team (currently changing their name to Care and Keeping). These are just a few of the new things taking place at Visual Faith.