Praying for Ukraine: 2 Simple & Visual Ideas

We welcome Visual Faith Coach Marsha Baker to the blog today:

As the war in Ukraine continues, we are hearing less and less about it. It’s not being reported on the nightly news and seeking out information can be a challenge. Yet millions of people in Ukraine are suffering and hurting, and I felt the Lord was calling me to keep them in prayer for a season.

If you’re like me, prayer is more effective when I put pen or markers to paper. I've combined images and color with prayer to help create some visual reminders to pray daily for the people of Ukraine during the month of May. Here are 2 simple ways to create visual prayers as you pray for the Ukrainian people and an end to the war in Ukraine. Won’t you join us?


Create mini prayer cards. You might create 31 cards, one for each day in May. Doodle something (see above) on the front, and then write a prayer on the back.

The Process:

  • Take a sheet of card stock or water color paper and put down some color. If you are using watercolors, tape down the page before you add water to minimize the buckling. I recommend blue painter’s tape, but I used green Frog tape in the picture below. Wait until the paper is completely dry before doodling.