Using Art, Creativity, and Prayer in the Mission Field

Updated: May 22, 2021

Christel Neuendorf grew up with a love for God’s Word. As a young girl, she would often write down scripture to paste on magazine ads or write Bible verses on blank spaces she found within ads. She would send these “visual faith creations” off to friends or post them around her room.

Now a missionary and deaconess in Puerto Rico, this practice of sharing the Word creatively was rekindled through inspiration from her missionary friend, Lizz Warren, a Christian lettering artist, and family members who introduced her to Visual Faith™ Ministry. Christel very often finds herself serving groups of women, children or the elderly….and the ideas have begun flowing!

Christel initially saw some Visual Faith™ Ministry prayer cards by Pat Maier and was struck by the opportunity to not only create art and pray, but also to share that “visual prayer” with someone in need of love and care. She worked with Lizz to create the Compartiendo Los Salmos