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Worship into the Week- Resource Set up

At a recent event I was asked how I organize my materials for the practice of Worship into the Week. So I will share a bit about that right here. I began the practice initially to show how to use the Visual Church Year resources. I decided to use only magazines and junk mail coming into our home so that I could show how to do this without the purchase of lots of supplies and materials.

What has worked for me is to set up a 2 page layout for each week. Then I set up the whole month to be ready for the devotional practice of reading the Lectionary readings and coloring in the images. I might also add prayers or whatever connects for that week.

I use an 8 inch by 9 inch- 3 ring binder and cut cardstock for the pages. Sometimes I can find binders on sale that have pages in them already.

.After a couple of years with this practice, I saw that I wanted to continue and began to set up a "station" to hold supplies. I simply used a woven bin that would hold file folders. I now use the Worship into the Week resource from the website and the additional images that come in that packet.

Here are some categories that have been helpful- Found Words- Liturgical, Large images, Smaller images,

Gelli Prints, Security envelopes, Hymns, Alphas and files for the W2W (Worship into the Week) printables.

Using junk mail and magazine images has taught me to see things out of context. As I look for a theme in a week's readings, then I often find a connection in an insurance or food advertisement. Some words are saved for use for lettering.

Security envelopes make great backgrounds that lend themselves to all sorts of themes and Gelli prints come with each Worship into the Week set.

A vintage drawer holds the collection of journals. Adding this practice connecting the Lectionary readings for each week and some devotional journaling time has been a significant blessing in my worship life.

Connie Denninger

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